The Self Administered Interview

A person drawing on paper.

Investigators face a serious challenge when an incident occurs: eyewitness memory recollection. There could be numerous eyewitnesses, any of which may hold potentially vital information about the perpetrators and incident itself. To address this issue, the Self-Administered Interview (SAI) was developed.

The SAI is a scientifically proven tool used by investigators to preserve and protect eyewitness memory by eliciting a detailed recall account at the scene of the incident or soon after. In any situation, forgetting will naturally occur and investigators do not always have the resources to conduct detailed interviews with all witnesses shortly after the incident, such as time or personnel.

When it comes to protecting a witness’ memory, the SAI tool is extremely effective to elicit critical information effectively. It permits timely prioritization of witness questioning and helps to prevent contamination of the original memory by inaccurate information encountered between actually witnessing the event and providing the police with an account of the incident.

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