SIU Services

Recent research shows a troubling trend in consumer attitudes toward fraud, particularly when it comes to insurance. A study by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud showed a significant increase in the number of Americans who deem it ethical to:

  • Misrepresent facts on an insurance application to lower their premiums;
  • File a claim for damage that occurred before the damage was covered;
  • Inflate a claim to cover a deductible;
  • Misrepresent an incident in an effort to secure payment for losses covered and not covered.

These attitudes are particularly troubling during economic downturns, when respondents admit they are more likely to commit insurance fraud.

The Brumell Group offers a comprehensive set of fraud and risk assessments, consulting and prevention programs to combat these trends and provide possible restitution where applicable, resulting in significant cost savings.


Brumell Group offers fully customizable SIU management and compliance services to insurance providers nationwide.


When insurance providers partner with skilled investigators who specialize in insurance fraud, their claims-associated financial losses are significantly reduced.


Courses are are taught by a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and are structured to meet state-mandated continuing education credit requirements.