Investigative Principles We Live By

Business people shaking hands in office.

When it comes to fraud consulting, SIU management, compliance and investigations, it’s important to remember the high place that ethics and principles have in the process. At the Brumell Group, we consider ourselves in good company in this respect. Across the board, independent investigation firms just like ours are working diligently to ensure that justice is an attainable goal and fraud is accurately caught.

At our firm, we have a core list of these principles that we live and work by. Although these principles may be common in our industry, they are very personal to us, and we take them seriously.

Impartiality & Neutrality

In every aspect of our investigations, we aim to ensure that we remain unbiased and impartial in the details. Our goal is to follow the evidence and not to presume innocence or guilt beforehand.

Dedication to Integrity

We strive to continuously operate with integrity in everything we do. This soundness and reliability that we have built on has served us and our clients well, and so it will forever be at our core. This allows us to be ethical in both our investigation and reporting processes.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Throughout all the communication that takes place in an investigation, we understand and hold to the importance of confidentiality. This means that your information is not used beyond the scope of your knowledge. We understand that we are brought into sensitive situations, and we take that privilege seriously by protecting your privacy.

Communication & Partnerships

In the partnership relationships that we form with each of our clients, we recognize the benefit of clearly defining the parameters of our work. Knowing the scope and goal of the investigation beforehand allows us to properly set expectations and keep the lines of communication open throughout the process. Additionally, our goal of transparency ensures that we are always good stewards of both our client’s time and money.

Building On Our Principles

Our dedication to these principles doesn’t stop with just a list. These are the building blocks that help us map out the process and execution of everything we do. At the Brumell Group, we recognize the importance of accurate and ethical work in our field, and we run our business in a way that honors these principles and ensures our clients are well served, every time.