Fun, Frolic, Fall and Fraud

Fall, fun, and fraud

Tis officially the holiday season! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are all right around the corner.  This time of year brings Football, Fall Festivals, School Carnivals and of course “Black Friday”. These are just some of the activities and events many are engaged in. This is a great time of year to gather critical information on your claimant’s activities outside of the home.
Video evidence is critical to mitigating a claim and exposing possible fraud. If you have a claimant with young children, there’s a good chance they will be attending their school carnivals and other fall activities. Halloween night’s they may be found walking around the neighborhood with their children, carrying items or at the front door handing out candy.
Claimant’s traveling to or hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas, shopping for groceries and gifts, and of course claimant’s putting up/taking down decorations. “Black Friday” is the busiest shopping day of the year; which means standing in long lines for hours waiting for stores to open.  All of these present excellent opportunities to document claimants going outside their current restrictions.

Our Investigations Division is well equipped to schedule Investigations on or around these holidays. 

Social Media has significantly impacted claims management. We recommend reviewing your claimants’ social network accounts (i.e. Facebook®, Instagram® and Twitter®).
Monitoring these accounts is a great way to see if they are posting about upcoming Halloween parties, pictures of themselves trick-or-treating or plans for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve; knowing this information could help your claim resolution.
Brumell Group offers a Social Network Investigation service where we not only find these social media accounts; we digitally preserve the postings, photographs and information obtained.