Clenched Hands That Are Cuffed.

The True Cost of Fraud

The following is part of our ongoing Case Closed series, where we document actual cases that have been brought to trial though the efforts of the Brumell Group. We are dedicated not only to the investigation process, but also through to the prosecution of the fraudulent claimants, even testifying as expert witnesses for relevant cases.

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People Shopping In A Grocery Store Aisle.

Case Study: Helping Retail Stores Fight Fraud

When Jeff Schneider started as the Senior Manager of Liability in 2011 at a large Southeast grocery store chain, the company was suffering from an excessive amount of fraud, along with the financial costs associated with that fraud. Fraud is a crime that has a cost born by everyone, including both the company and its customers. He knew that the stores were losing money, and were being forced to pass some of those costs on to the consumer. It was a problem that needed to be addressed, and quickly. Schneider chose to bring the Brumell Group forward to take up the task.

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Business People Shaking Hands In Office.

Investigative Principles We Live By

When it comes to fraud consulting, SIU management, compliance and investigations, it’s important to remember the high place that ethics and principles have in the process. At the Brumell Group, we consider ourselves in good company in this respect. Across the board, independent investigation firms just like ours are working diligently to ensure that justice is an attainable goal and fraud is accurately caught.

At our firm, we have a core list of these principles that we live and work by. Although these principles may be common in our industry, they are very personal to us, and we take them seriously.

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The Purpose And Process Of Pre-employment Screenings.

The Purpose and Process of Pre-Employment Screenings: New White Paper Available

Do you know how much a bad hire could cost you or your company? It can be tempting for businesses to skip the background investigations in certain situations, but it is never recommended. With nearly half of resumes including some kind of discrepancy, pre-employment screenings are vital for any business that values security, capital and morale.

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