Case Study: Helping Retail Stores Fight Fraud

People shopping in a grocery store aisle.

When Jeff Schneider started as the Senior Manager of Liability in 2011 at a large Southeast grocery store chain, the company was suffering from an excessive amount of fraud, along with the financial costs associated with that fraud. Fraud is a crime that has a cost born by everyone, including both the company and its customers. He knew that the stores were losing money, and were being forced to pass some of those costs on to the consumer. It was a problem that needed to be addressed, and quickly. Schneider chose to bring the Brumell Group forward to take up the task.

Providing the Necessary Skills to Get Results

At the time, the grocery store chain was working with a number of different fraud investigation specialists, one of which was the Brumell Group. The fraud situation at the time was not improving, and Schneider knew they needed to find a better way to handle it. He determined that he would get the best results if he used a single vendor for the job.

Schneider took a detailed look at each company that they were currently using to handle fraud issues. He wanted to ensure that the right people were in the right seats to recognize fraud, as well as to follow through with the various state agencies when fraud occurred.

Schneider determined that The Brumell Group had the right combination and skills and expertise to provide the high quality fraud prevention services they needed. The Brumell Group was also local, which was an added benefit for simplified meetings.

Achieving Desired Outcomes

With the Brumell Group in the primary role of fraud prevention, the instances of fraud steadily decreased over time. Additionally, while fraud continued to decrease, the number of convictions for fraud increased. The Brumell Group was able to identify the fraudulent cases effectively, and resolve each problem as it arose. They were also able to steadily improve the conviction rate, delivering the results that Schneider needed. Through dependable investigative techniques, better reporting to various government agencies, and a tenacious pursuit of convictions, the fraud numbers greatly improved.

“The Brumell Group were easy to work with and responsive. Robert is a good leader.
He made sure that his staff was attentive to our needs. Over time, we saw our fraud
numbers decrease, which is a good thing. We saw the number of cases going to the
various state agencies increase. As a result of that, we saw a number of convictions.”
– Jeff Schneider, Former Senior Manager of Liability

Choosing the Right People for the Job

Fraud is a problem for every company, one that does not go away unless it is property addressed. The Brumell Group has a proven ability to handle fraud effectively, for companies of any size. When you want to protect your company, your employees, and ultimately your bottom line, it is vital that you choose the right people for your investigative needs.

If you would like to learn more about what The Brumell Group has to offer, or you have specific investigative or fraud concerns you would like to discuss, please contact us now. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.