Catch me if you can…

Black Friday Sales advertisement.

black friday

Ever had one of those claimants who just won’t settle no matter what you do?  Ever have one of those claimants that you just can’t figure out or have that inner nagging feeling that things just don’t add up?  We all have them and there is something you can do!

The most active day of the year is quickly approaching….  BLACK FRIDAY, which, before long, may be renamed Black Thursday as some merchants are moving this popular event forward.  This is the time of year claimants are actively seeking those special deals they just can’t live without and will stand in line for hours just to be the first.  Even though they have a restriction of “no standing for long periods of time” or “no lifting or carrying items greater than 5 pounds” or “no bending or stooping”,  people just can’t help themselves…. A deal is a deal and with this economy, who can blame them!

This fevered day of activity will also carry over into the weekend.    Claimants are actively hanging Christmas lights, buying trees and decorating as they are getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season; here again, going against those restrictions an employer just can’t accommodate but aren’t adhered to by your claimant.

If the basic SIB approach (Statement, Index/ISO, Background) has been conducted and you need to take a closer look at this claim, Surveillance or an Activity Check may be useful and what a better opportunity than this time of year to do just that.

This time of year also lends itself to the ever popular “slip and fall” for the liability adjuster.  As the cost of the season mounts, up the fraudster is also looking for a quick buck to make this a little easier on the wallet.

The holiday season is a wonderful, exciting and extremely busy time of the year that enables us to catch a claimant’s activity at a time it is most crucial.  Claims are being reviewed for settlement for the year end close and activity captured could result in a mitigated settlement or completely shut down the claim itself.

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