Lawsuits are won by hard evidence, credible witness statements and indisputable testimony. Here at the Brumell Group, we specialize in conducting investigations that support legal cases by providing the facts, documents and witnesses that support our clients’ legal cases. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and their attorneys to provide the information that helps them make sound legal decisions. Our highly experienced investigators locate persons for testimony, obtain witness information, service court documents and document activity. And, all Brumell Group investigators are fully qualified to testify before a court regarding information obtained or activity observed.

Accident Reconstruction

Investigation into all aspects of accidents which include surveying and photographing an accident scene, locating and interviewing witnesses, video evidence and research into previous accident history relevant to the scene. Experts and engineering specialists are utilized.


Research of the claimant’s or subject’s past and present assets.


Profile or background information on an individual obtained through numerous database and/or local searches to assist in determining the history and character of the individual and evaluating for further investigation. Due diligence may apply.

Civil History

History of present and past civil proceedings and/or lawsuits.


Due-diligence background and research investigations on a corporation and its officers.


Investigation is designed to determine the credibility of evidence presented in a criminal proceeding, to include locating of witnesses and history of all persons involved.

Database Searches/Dossier (Statewide/Nationwide)

Extensive investigative database research including but not limited to civil, criminal, motor vehicle, assets, judgments, claims histories, licensing and social networks to obtain up to 30 profile items on a subject/claimant. Research includes local records searches by county. *Availability may be limited in some states.


Investigation of the alleged accident in all areas of liability. Investigation includes, but is not limited to: background (claim, work, and asset history), interviews of witnesses, and surveillance to determine current activities and physical capabilities of the claimant.


Investigation and research is conducted to locate the subject utilizing local, state and national resources.


Investigation and research into claimant’s financial and claim history. Also current activities are documented to determine the validity of the claim.


Written or recorded interviews conducted (in person or telephonic) relevant to the investigation or claim. Releases, audio, photos and/or videos obtained. The Brumell Group employs dual-licensed field adjusters for all insurance claim investigations.


Surveillance is utilized to document the subject’s/claimant’s activities using state of the art covert, photographic and/or video equipment.

Workers' Compensation

Surveillance is utilized to determine claimant’s present activities and physical capabilities in relation to the claimed injury using photographic, covert and video equipment. Also background research is conducted relevant to past and present claim history.