Some of our clients may have already established a valued relationship with an investigations company for specific regions, for this purpose, Brumell Group has established a vendor management program which allows our clients to continue those relationships while maintaining our high standards in investigation protocols, licensing, liability insurance, and ethics. The operational benefits of utilizing Brumell Group’s Vendor Management Program:

  • Maintain existing relationships with current vendors/service providers, while utilizing Brumell Group’s investigations personnel to supplement in geographic areas not currently covered by your current vendor/service provider.
  • The program will ensure consistency for every investigation conducted, regardless if completed by another service provider or by Brumell Group’s experienced investigations personnel.
  • Complete vetting process to ensure all service providers maintain Brumell Group’s high standards; each service provider is required to be under contract which states their agreement to rates, investigations protocols, licensing, liability insurance, and Brumell Group’s code of ethics.

Please contact us today for more information on our Vendor Management program.