In an ever–changing society, we are faced with many decisions and circumstances when trying to determine truth from deception in our personal relationships. Brumell Group’s domestic investigation services can provide objective information about the background or history of those with whom we are involved personally such as a spouse, potential spouse, friend, family member or an acquaintance.

The information obtained assists in making life–affecting decisions. Domestic investigations can range from simply locating an individual, to background checks, to conducting surveillance on a subject and more.

Assets Search

Research of the subject’s past and present assets.


Profile or background information on an individual is obtained through numerous database and/or local searches.

Childcare/Nanny/Nursing Home Checks

Conduct background of persons entrusted for the purposes of care of your loved one and/or household. (Type of background varies by need.)

Civil History

History of present and past civil proceeding and/or lawsuits.

Criminal History

Felony and/or misdemeanor (upper and lower court) records using county, state and national resources. Information varies from state to state.

Database Searches/Dossier (Statewide/Nationwide)

Extensive investigative database research including but not limited to civil, criminal, motor vehicle, assets, judgments, claims histories, licensing and social networks to obtain up to 30 profile items on a subject/claimant. Research includes local records searches by county.


Trained and licensed personnel are provided to safeguard and protect person(s) in security-sensitive positions or situations.


Investigation and research is conducted to locate the subject utilizing local, state and national resources.


Present and past marriage records of subject.

Motor Vehicle Report

History of driving record (7 – 10 years) of the subject.

Social Network Investigation

We identify any and all online social network profiles, monitored at set intervals related to a subject or a claimant. Online postings can be preserved, creating a timeline of events, past, present and future.  These can be utilized to further other investigations and/or for evidentiary purposes in ongoing litigation.


When surveillance is not practical on a case we have an assortment of stationary/covert cameras (interior/exterior) that we can deploy to record a subject’s activities 24/7 for several weeks at a time or we can remotely monitor the activity.


Surveillance is utilized to document the subject’s/claimant’s activities using state of the art covert, photographic and/or video equipment.