Human Resource departments are faced with filling positions with the most qualified candidate – often without the benefit of a background/due diligence investigation. A background/due diligence investigation conducted before offering employment is a business’ best defense against wrong doing and criminal infiltration. Investigations can uncover deception in an applicant’s resume and personal history – ultimately avoiding the cost and waste of time that occurs when unsuitable employees have to be terminated.

An often overlooked benefit of this type of investigation can be a periodic review of employees, updating information that may have been pending at the time of employment. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) applies.

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Assets Search

Research of the claimant’s or subject’s past and present assets.

Childcare/Nanny Check

Conduct background investigation of persons entrusted for the purposes of care of your loved one and/or household. (Type of background varies by need.)

Civil History

History of present and past civil proceedings and/or lawsuits.

Corporation Search

Due diligence investigation to identify individual(s)/officer(s) and their status associated with a corporation.

Credit History

Research information includes present debt and payment history of the subject. Fair Credit Reporting Act applies.

Criminal History

Felony and/or misdemeanor (upper and lower court) records using county, state and national resources. Information varies from state to state.

Database Searches/Dossier (Statewide/Nationwide)

Extensive investigative database research including but not limited to civil, criminal, motor vehicle, assets, judgments, claims histories, licensing and social networks to obtain up to 30 profile items on a subject/claimant. Research includes local records searches by county.
*Availability may be limited in some states.

Education Verification

History of education including attendance of college facility, length attended and degree earned.

Employment Verification

History of employment and earnings of subject. Fair Credit Reporting Act applies.

Motor Vehicle Report (Driver’s License)

History of driving record of the subject.

Neighborhood Personal Reference

Interviews of person(s) in relation to subject’s character.

Nursing Home Check

History of facility to evaluate proper licensing, performance and/or standard of care.

Social Network Investigation

We identify any and all online social network profiles, monitored at set intervals related to a claimant or subject. Online postings can be preserved, creating a timeline of events, past, present and future. These can be utilized to further other investigations and/or for evidentiary purposes in ongoing litigation.

Workers' Compensation History

History of all previous injuries of the subject.